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Y'know maybe I should come back

2012-06-20 20:45:14 by Tik115

*looks at date of last post*

2 years huh?

alrighty recap on what happened since then, realised my animating is crap, figured my music could be better and oh yeah, i got into University...sooooooooo what now?

hell if I know I might put a few old mixes here i might make some new ones since i need practice for when I do sound and music in university.

or I might just leave the newgrounds scene since, y'know i SUCK.

buuuuutttt i guess thats down to if I wanna achive anything or not in newgrounds, might just let the heavyweights strut around here instead of trying to be one

and if the last post is anything to go by the next post probs won't be till 2015 or something, who knows

well summer has arrived and i have bugger all to do cept wait for Reach, Black ops and the localisation of Tales of Vesperia PS3 (SO happy its being put through to the UK now, i can have both versions on both consoles like MW2)

So looking through and just finishing the first of a 2 year A level course in E-Media I found an old pain in my rear, my very start of Sonic V Pikachu 2, I remeber i began working on htis literly right when Sonic V pikachu 1 came out but after the negative views and lazyness i scrapped it, maybe now I might work on it again,

also fans of my music you might have a long wait, i have 2 songs in the work but my PC is pratically on life support, i'm trying to get a newer much stronger PC for my birthday, but thats all the way in November.

anyways this might be my last post for ALONG time since i'm also in a huge voice acting Project, i can't say much but i can say its Been named Project Effing, that is all

Seval remixs, a Flash movie and a possible game out of me

2009-08-05 18:48:24 by Tik115

A small update, mainly for my friends

College is starting again soon and I decided to post all the things I plan to put onto Newgrounds before it ends again

So without any delay lets put these suckers in

I plan to release:-

A Remix of UN Owen was her? - Yet to start
A Remix of Sepette for a dead Princess - Yet to start
A track that has yet to have a name - Plan to release a preview
Another track without a current name - Plan to release a preview
A Remix of Fury sparks from Tales of Vesperia - have started trying to get the notes right
A Remix of Lava reef Zone Act one from Sonic 3 - need to edit the notes and make it trance/techno and make it sound good
An 8-bit track - Completed! Its a remix of the Starlight Zone from Sonic 1

Sonic vs Pokemon 2 - havn't touched this in years
a possible revamped and improved version of Sonic vs Pokemon Episode one and its trailer- havn't started

And finally I might possibly be able to get an RPG I have been working onto newgounds, no promises here though as i don't think this program would be able to be uploaded to Newgrounds, it will only be a BETA as well

so anyone that sees this sit tight and hopefully in the next 10-11 months all this (cept maybe the game) will be posted onto Newgrounds

I have got a new computer that Has a defective soundcard (or something...i dunno but it echos terribly but I am going to do all I can to get these Remixs done, If I am lucky I'll make my first re-remix by Xmas

Fans of mine Keep your ears out!

Also flash fans (Doubt I have many) I am planning to release my College Project onto Newgrounds soon! after I Get the little extras in it

Also Sonic Vs Pokemon episode 2 is planned to be made and relesed sometime next year

Untill then Keep your eyes open!

Remixs Being remade soon

2008-08-27 16:54:59 by Tik115

I recently found out that my cuz has been makig music with Reason 4 and never told me untill i found out while playing a gears of war game that he's planning to release an album Since then I've downloaded Reason 4 and Will attempt to remake ALL of the remixs i made, Yes from my Sonic heroes remix all the way up to "YOU PICKED THE WRONG HOUSE FOOL!" however this'll take awhile -.-

I'm also getting help from Elite Ferrex with FL studio 7 so basically i'll be good with them both and even then Tips about FL studio 7 might work on Reason 4

Expect At least some progress in the next 2-3 months.....yeah

it has come to my attention that a certain somebody on Imeem has began to steal music without our permisssion, claims its his own work and is aprently selling the music to make cash, I For one care for my music and now that he has taken my Sonic heroes Remix without permission I am now very pissed off, I beg the Newgrounds team to report this Stealer as it is breaking Newgrounds code of conduct with music, No credit to the origonal author and stealing,

I know this'll be a bad idea but for people who wish to know you can find the theif


If you find your music is there and stolen then it be best to report him, alredy his myspace has been banned for stealing music however his Imeem has not

Once again Newgrounds i ask you to find some way to help us people who have worked on these remixs with this guy

Sonic vs Pikachu 2 in production

2008-06-18 02:58:46 by Tik115

Ok I know my past 2 flashs where Very bad by newgrounds standard so i've decided holding back on part 2 to improve my flash skills, Now I belive i'm ready for part two, I have the sprites needed the sounds effects and everything, only one problem is that sometimes the sounds effects like to go ahead of the flash, but still those who thought the Sonic vs pokemon series seemed intresting will probitly enjoy this episode, But as always it has dragonball Z types of fighting...well thats pratically the only type people can do so don't called me a SMBZ rip off

The sonic Vs Pokemon Series

2008-01-23 11:54:55 by Tik115

Just a Post to let people know of my new series and the episode order they will be in

Sonic & Tails Vs Pikachu Part 1
Sonic & Tails vs Pikachu Part 2
Sonic & Tails vs Pikachu Part 3 (Unkown)
Knuckles Vs Jigglypuff Part 1
Knuckles Vs Jigglypuff Part 2 (Unkown)
Ultimate vs Ultimate Part 1
Ultimate vs Ultimate: Final Curtain
Ultimate vs Ultimate Part 3 (Unkown)
Shadows Story (Spin off) (Uknown)

I am Busy making a Trailer for Bowsers Revenge part 5...You'll have alot of Questions of why its part 5 yes? Well I will post a small F.A.Q Meaning it

Q) Bowser Revenge Part 5? What about part 1, 2, 3 and 4?
A) Those are on Youtube made by a Friend of mine, In the past we used Paint and Movie maker to do our Sprite Videos Part 1-4 Is on his Acount and I am going to be Makeing a Trailer for Part 5

Q) Whats Bowsers Revenge about?
A) Well it starts as always...Bowser Kidnaps the Princess and Mario & Luigi go Hunting for him Then After he Clones himself the Three bowser clones NEARLY Kill them Thats when Sonic and Shadow...

A) I Knew this Would Appear so here is why its NOT
1. Untill we began working on Part 3 We had never Herd of Mario Bros Z
2. Mecha Sonic isn't the Main Villian in our Story
3. In our Story all Of Sonics Friends are Alive plus there planet isn't Destroyed
4. The Quests are Differant then SUper mario Bros Z
5. Ours is a Joint Project

Q) But...Its Still Copying
A) I Admit YES We have used a Few Ideas from Super Mario Bros Z But Hardly any infact we acually had plans of our own that SUper mario Bros Z has For Example, While Working on part 4 roughly 8 months ago we had Bowser Jr planned to Join in the Series and as you saw in Part 7 of Mario Bros Z Bowsers children are in it, Also without SUper mario bros Z Bowsers Revenge would of Ended long ago

Q) Are you trying to Compete against the Series
A) Are you going to shut up about the Series? But on Topic Of course we arn't

Q) How long will the other Things take
A) As long as they need to

Q) What will the Ending be Like?
A) Can't tell you that, for now we havn't thought of ending Bowsers Revenge

Q) Which Characters are the Main Heroes/Villains?
A) Heroes: Mario, Luigi, Sonic, Shadow, Silver
Villains: Eggman, Bowser, Mephalies (Spelling?), Master hand ***NOTE!!!*** Mephalies and Master hand is not a confirmed Main Villain we are still working on that

Q) How long will the Series lasts
A) Again as long as it needs to

Q)If your doing the Series in Paint won't the Animation Suck?
A) My Friend Floiram (As his Youtube Acount goes) Is having to Resort to Paint and Movie Maker as for me I am Now useing Macromedia Flash

Q) Are you Related?
A) No, We are Just Friends and Please do not ask Personal Questions

Q) Will you have alot of time to do these?
A) Now this is a Big Question, The Answer is, I'm not too sure After all I Am making Videos for Youtube Gnawing my Fingers off worrying about my Mock GCSE (I know there mocks but still its worrying) and of course I like to keep in touch with my Mates in Runescape, and obviusly Motivation

Q) Didn't you copy both the motivation and the FAQ Thing of the Mario Bros Z Creator? (I'm not good at remebering names)
A) All Flash Animations and Music are based of Motivation and free time, Also FAQs are the Easyest way to Answer Questions

Thats All for the FAQ for now