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Entry #9

Y'know maybe I should come back

2012-06-20 20:45:14 by Tik115

*looks at date of last post*

2 years huh?

alrighty recap on what happened since then, realised my animating is crap, figured my music could be better and oh yeah, i got into University...sooooooooo what now?

hell if I know I might put a few old mixes here i might make some new ones since i need practice for when I do sound and music in university.

or I might just leave the newgrounds scene since, y'know i SUCK.

buuuuutttt i guess thats down to if I wanna achive anything or not in newgrounds, might just let the heavyweights strut around here instead of trying to be one

and if the last post is anything to go by the next post probs won't be till 2015 or something, who knows


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2012-06-20 21:01:11