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For this being your second submision (unless you deleted or lost countless others) I have to say HOLY CRAP thats good!

I'm making a Trailer for my own Sonic Series myself

Anyway back on topic this is a amazingly good trailer, alsmost as good as the super mario bros Z trailer...ALMOST

I am so looking forword to this

Sparx-1 responds:

Yeah. It's my second submission and second complete flash movie! Glad you liked it!

Incredible hilarious hell words can't describe it

The intro is AMAZING i mean this has enspired me to make my own Intro for something i was planning to do but sadly this was before my idea came (it was Sonic Silver and Shadow in marios world trying to stop eggman mecha sonic bowser and (Dun dun duuuuuun) THE MASTER HAND) keep up the good work

Hilarious paritcally all the time!

I'm looking forword to this

loads of hilarious lines like
Chief: C'mon your almost there! move!
*Closes door in marines face*

Marine: I don't wanna die Chief! i'm too young to die!
Chief: Unless you bet your gonna die, i bet ALL of you are gonna die and i'll be left as one man, and my next mission will be to serch for survivers from other pod crashs (I HATE THAT PLOT DEVICE IN IT)

Marine: You where wrong Chief, you wern't the only surviver i guess you have a marine sidekick now, i always though i was a popular character on this fan choice maybe now i'll-
*chief shoots him*

oops i gave away most of the flash before people saw it, sorry

funny but a little bit of bad animation

nothing too serious but its a good episode but the two animation problems you got where
1. tails and knuckles (when idle) where moving WAY too fast
2. You used Knuckles in his sonic advance version and also used Eggman in his sonic advance version when he was in the ship and his sonic 2 (and sonic 1 sonic 3 and sonic and knuckles) you should of kept them in there genisis versions or in the sonic advance, and not a mix

still a good animation

Just when It was getting good

It got a hell lot better

Great fighting and humor the sound was brillient like mixed the origonal Doomsday track from S3&K with the Project chaos one

But honestly though you gotta have Silver in this thing I mean how cool would it be to have Silver fighting sonic (those who remeber Sonic the hedgehog for the 360 *spoilers* The flame of solaris gets put out meaning none of what happened in the game ever happened*end spoilers* then they team up to get things right

i mean you neve rmentioned silver dieing or anything...so it be so cool if the three of them had to fight mecha sonic

Good luck with your next episode

Because I can AND will

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